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The Military Turns Really Ugly in Egypt

Mohamed Malik, Mohamed Omar et al are reporting from Giza

If the rumour mills are true that plans are afoot to attack schools and put the blame once again on the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’, is the international media simply going to parrot once again the propaganda of the Egyptian media, and thus effectively acquiesce in the inevitable bloodbaths to follow across Egypt as the military vents its anger at the continuing demonstrations against the people?



Egypt’s Dinosaurs are Gasping for Air

See new dispatch from Mohamed Malik and Mohamad Omar in Giza

Across Egypt, 27 cities took part in the Friday 30th August demonstrations for the Retrieval of the Revolution’,  in numbers that almost matched those of the Second ‘Day of Rage’ 16th August, the day of the massacre at the al-Fath mosque, and actually substantially more those of the 28th January 2011, the crucial and original ‘Day of Rage’ that would topple Mubarak. Egypt’s Juntasaurus is gasping for air, it continues to blame the Muslim Brotherhood for unspecified ‘terrorist’ activities, and uses that as an excuse to attack the demonstrators, but the Muslim Brotherhood leadership are all in jail and the organisation’s size cannot account for the size of the demonstrations. They tried to make it easy for the Dinosaur brain of the Junta by shouting all day long: Ehna mish Ikhwan! Ehna mish Ikhwan! (we are not (Muslim) Brothers! we are not Brothers!)