Ahmad Mansour freed

This morning, Monday 22nd June, the German Attorney general freed Ahmad Mansour.

According to al-Jazeera broadcaster, Ahmad Mansour, in his latest video, there were no formal extradition or judicial agreements between Germany and Egypt, and therefore previous reports that Germany held Mansour on an Egyptian warrant are incorrect.

Mansour had said at the time: “The airport authorities detained me based on an Interpol order at the request of the Egyptian authorities. I informed [the police] that the global police organization has rejected Egypt’s request and that I have this document from Interpol to prove that I am not wanted on any charge. I also told them that all the cases that were filed against me in Egypt were fabricated. They, however, insisted on holding me in their detention center for investigation. They told me that they will transfer me to face an investigating judge who will determine my case.” See:


Apparently a German legal procedure was being carried out based on a specific agreement between Merkel and Sisi and relating to Ahmad Mansour. Clearly, there was no basis for it under German law.

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