Ali Mamlouk’s visit to Cairo confirms Egyptian alignment with Russian/Iranian axis in the Middle-East

The visit of Syrian intelligence chief Ali Mamlouk to Egypt isn’t the first, but its official nature now highlights the long-standing support of Assad on the part of the Sisi’s régime. 

The recent diplomatic break with Saudi-Arabia and the revelation that Iraq is prepared to replace severed Saudi oil supplies to Egypt, together with the recent military exercises carried out with Russian forces, confirms Egypt’s position now as an integral part of the Russian/Iranian axis.

This Al-Jazeera report covers the implications of Ali Mamlouk’s visit to Egypt.

It should be added that Obama’s foreign policy created the void in Syria which permitted Russia to install itself, through Iraqi auspices (so Iranian influence) at the UN, as a major player in the Middle-East. Furthermore, Israel would seem to be acquiescing to this new security architecture in the Middle-East, while at the very same time acquiring massive sums of money from the US as ‘compensation’ for agreeing to the Iran nuclear deal. Given the inane nature of US foreign policy, Israel, like Egypt, will get US Aid whether it does what the US wants or not.

The contradictions in US foreign policy are removing the very few options left the US may have to stand up against this new regional security architecture in the Middle-East. US support of the Syrian Kurds against Turkey, is driving even this NATO member to reorganise its own security with the help of the Russians. US acquiescence to the Iranian use of Shi’a militias against Sunni jihadi groups in both Iran and Iraq effectively wipes out its allies and proxy instruments in the region.

By the time DAESH/ISIL will have been deal with, the US will effectively have lost the Middle-East, and we shall be living in a multi-polar world.