Bin Salman: death by a thousand cuts

Erdoğan promised the “naked truth” in today’s speech at the AKP party conference, but what he did was to tighten the noose without giving anything away. Saudi has admitted that Jamal Khashoggi was killed at the consulate, so now he wants to know from them who ordered the killing.

The Saudis have arrested 18 people in Saudi Arabia in connection with the killing, so he wants them to come and stand trial in Turkey. They said they don’t know where the body and that it was given to a local Turkish citizen to dispose of, so in his speech Erdoğan asked for the name of that person. Since the speech some of Jamal Khashoggi’s body parts have been found at the Saudi consul’s residence, which tells us that – yet again – the Saudis were lying.

Erdoğan is too wily a politician to rush and deliver the coup de grâce – reveal the video and audio evidence of the murder at the consulate, which is said to include a Skype call to bin Salman (MBS) – to nail a Saudi régime that none of the Western states are prepared to let go of despite their shock and horror at recent events. Better let it die on the vine… die by a thousand cuts.