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Snippets revealed of stalled Al-Jazeera documentary on Israeli lobby astroturfers

The website Canary Mission has been dedicated to demonising pro-Palestinian students, and astroturfing street protests. Last week, the Grayzone Project revealed the identity of the owner of: Howard Sterling, an American lawyer that advises Israeli healthcare companies. In the process they revealed some clips of a documentary al-Jazeera had prepared but not released, as a result of pro-Israeli groups on Qatar, the proprietor of Al-Jazeera.

Coincidently, the Electronic Intifada identified Adam Milstein, a real estate investor and top donor to Israeli causes, as another financier of the initiative, also by releasing previously unseen clips of the Al-Jazeera documentary.

Watershed al-Jazeera documentary on the Israeli lobby in Britain

The al-Jazeera documentary based on recordings made by an undercover operative working with the Labour Friends of Israel laid bare the machinations surrounding the bogus Anti-Semitism allegations against Jeremy Corbyn and more generally the aggressive and direct methods used by the Israeli Embassy to get results favourable to Israel in British political decision-making by whatever means.

Although this merely confirms everybody’s suspicions about how Israel operates, and therefore hasn’t generated the level of outrage that similar behaviour on the part of a different foreign country would have, the very fact of getting all this down on tape has subtly changed the landscape. The very fact that there is a fight back against the decades of continuous ‘post-truth’ manipulation of British public opinion, is finally denying propagandists for Israel the easy ride they have enjoyed all these years. See the 4 part documentary below:

Part 4: The Takedown; Part 3: The Anti-Semitism battle; Part 2: The Training session; Part 1: Young Friends of Israel