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Unlike Morsi, Corbyn was able to rout the plotters

Peter Oborne writes

There are some intriguing parallels between the disloyalty of Blairite Labour MPs towards Corbyn and the attitude of the Egyptian deep state towards President Mohamed Morsi after he was elected president in free democratic elections in 2012.

The Egyptian Army and intelligence services, the business elite and the Nasserite left simply refused to recognise the legitimacy of multiple elections and would not enable Morsi to govern. They had their way, but the democratic transition was set back years in the process.

So far, that has been the approach of Hilary Benn, Tom Watson, Ben Bradshaw and the other Labour wreckers and saboteurs. They are refusing to accept that Corbyn has a democratic mandate and, as a result, are determined to destroy him from within.

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Blairism: the end… finally?

The Labour Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) have voted 18-15 to keep Jeremy Corbyn on the ballot in a future leadership election, which really ensures a victory for him among members.  The legal position was actually always very clear, and shouldn’t have been a matter to put to a vote, as Michael Mansfield QC argued, and as Mark Henderson QC of Doughty Str. Chambers also argued.

But the Blairites were driven to suicide by a sulphurous mix of guilt and hubris, and their coup against the democratically elected leader of their party, engineered by Blair and his PR roadies, initially to deny him a platform to take him to task over the Iraq War, may not be over. Blairism, like an alien scourge in a science fiction horror will refuse to die quietly, and the whole thing may yet end up in the courts.

So either Corbyn take over the Labour Party, or the entire Labour movement will end up dying of lack of credibility with a Northern electorate itching to switch to UKIP. Either way, the Blairites, engineers of the Iraq War are doomed. Blair himself will be held in contempt of parliament anyway. Good f…. riddance.