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Brexit and the Spanish Elections

Daniel Raventós and Julie Wark report

On June 26, three days after a majority of English citizens (but not of Scotland and Northern Ireland) voted to leave the European Union, Spain’s general elections were held and the results were conscientiously pored over by the European Union. Yet few analysts had foreseen the influence Brexit was going to have. And, yes, results it certainly had.

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Brexit-Beleaguered Bankers Back to Begging for Bailouts!

David Haggith writes

Nothing is more shameless in a bedazzling sort of way than rich banksters standing on the public curb with their hands out. First, we had the admission this past week by a major French bank that Italian banks are so sick (and so too big to fail) they could cause systemic banking failure throughout Europe if not bailed out by over-taxed taxpayers.

Lorenzo Bini Smaghi — who was a member of the European Central Bank’s executive board and who is now Chair of French megabank Societe Generale — said the only way to save European banks, if they start to fall like dominoes due to Italy’s banking problems, is with taxpayer-funded bailouts.

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Brexit-Beleaguered Bankers Back to Begging for Bailouts!


The end of the Atlantic project. Slamming the brakes on the neoliberal order.

Britain isn’t leaving the EU any time soon as confusion grips parliament. Angela Merkel will see to that. Make no mistake though, Britain voting to ‘leave’ on a high 72% turnout in the Brexit referendum is a devastating blow to the current international order, the entire structure of which will have to change. The British public has Molotov cocktailed the Westminster and Washington élites.

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In the US and UK populist politics burns through the mists of authoritarian democracy

In the US

In the March 5 primaries and caucuses, Trump wins Kentucky and Louisiana, while Ted Cruz wins Kansas and Maine. Trump asked Marco Rubio to drop out of the race, so that he can ‘take on’ Cruz, the Tea-Party candidate, ‘one-on-one’.

It is worthy of note that the establishment doesn’t like Cruz anymore than it does Trump, and that Trump won in Kentucky, the home state of Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, who has been working overtime to derail Trump’s campaign.

After Carsons’ resignation, Rubio and John Kasich are still hanging for reasons best known to themselves, although they have no chance of winning. It is a race for third place, which is about getting a better job on Capitol Hill.

On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders won Nebraska and Kansas, while front-runner Hillary Clinton just managed to get through in Louisiana. Clinton is banking on winning in the big primary in Michigan on Tuesday.

Sanders won by solid margins in Nebraska and Kansas, giving him seven victories so far in the nominating season, compared to 11 for Clinton, who therefore still maintains a commanding lead in competition for delegates. Sanders insists on the significance of his wide margins of victory, where he wins, and calls it evidence that his political revolution is happening.

In the delegate count so far for Republicans Trump leads with at least 378 to Cruz 295. Rubio has 123 delegates and Kasich 34. It takes 1,237 delegates to win the Republican nomination for president.

For the Democrats Clinton has at least 1,121 delegates to Sanders’ 479. It takes 2,383 delegates to win the Democratic nomination.

In the UK

Boris Johnson has hitched his political wagon to opposing the obviously fixed European Referendum, knowing that both the Washington and Westminster élites are going to ensure a victory for the ‘IN’ campaign. However, he is counting on the establishment using bullying tactics and lies to achieve the win. This, he will do his level best to uncover and fight.

When the Cameron/Osborne team achieve their win in June, he will have gored them in a thousand places, making Osborne, pretender to Cameron’s throne, unelectable in future political contests.

His first chance along this route came with the suspension of John Longworth, the highly respected leader of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), for backing “Brexit”.   He has expressed his ‘horror’ at the unfairness of this in no uncertain terms. It is the first of a long series of slices he will be taking out of Osborne’s political hide.

The ‘IN’ campaign will use the tried and tested methods of fear mongering and underhand skullduggery that were the Westminster establishment’s style used to obtain the ‘IN’ vote in the Scottish Referendum on Independence. Washington was standing hard behind that ‘IN’ campaign, just as it is behind this new one. Either exit would reduce its hold over Europe.