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Immigration Economics: Illegal Aliens Are Our Bread and Butter

It’s not the poor immigrants , it’s the bankers stupid!

On this note…

David Haggith writes

Have you ever wondered why politicians make some immigration illegal and then turn a blind eye to illegal immigration wherever it is happening? What about why they talk so much about building walls to keep out the vast hoards, rather than simply arresting the much smaller number of people who hire illegal immigrants?

Have you also wondered why politician make it illegal for millions of people to enter the country and then eventually support naturalizing those people who broke the laws these very politicians made? This article will answer that, too.

Immigration is largely about economics; and by that I do not simply mean that people are coming to the U.S. to gain economic opportunity, though, of course, they are. Nor do I simply mean immigrants are taking jobs away from Americans, though, of course, they are. Or that they cost a lot in welfare and education expenses, though, some of them do.

There is an elephant in the room that no one is talking about, and it’s not just a GOP elephant. Immigration economics has a dark underbelly that neither party will ever bring up. Since immigration reform is one of the major planks of the Republican’s top candidate for the presidency, there is no time like the present to talk about the elephant….

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Immigration Economics: Illegal Aliens Are Our Bread and Butter