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How the Koch Bros secretly fund self-serving academic programmes

After disclosure of secret documents showing “tied” donations by Tea-Party funders, the Koch Bros, to George Mason University, Sarah Larimer writes on The Washington Post: “The president of George Mason University said Friday that some financial gift agreements accepted by the school ‘fall short of the standards of academic independence’ and raise questions about donor influence at the public institution. The disclosure by George Mason President Ángel Cabrera came as a student organization sued seeking greater transparency regarding the school’s ties to private donors, including the prominent and controversial financial backer Charles Koch.”

In the Real News video above, Bill Black, Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, gives an explanation of how self-serving extreme right-wing economics is being implanted in some US Universities not only by the Koch Bros, but also by the Ohlin foundation and the Ayn Rand-fixated CEO of BB&T Bank, Kelly King, through secret agreements.

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Seeking the founts of extremism

Peter Maas [who went to Harvard-Westlake School] writes:

‘Where do America’s far-right leaders come from? [Julia] Hahn and [Alex] Marlow [editor-in-chief of Breitbart], who grew up 5 miles apart [and both went to Harvard-Westlake School pictured above], are clues to an intriguing fact of political epidemiology. A surprising number of alt-right leaders come from a single wealthy liberal enclave: the west side of Los Angeles.

Andrew Breitbart, who founded the site that bears his name, was raised in Brentwood, at the center of the west side, and was living there when he died in 2012. [Steve] Bannon, before becoming famous as the chairman of Breitbart and then Trump’s ideologue, was a Hollywood producer who sent his daughters to a private school in Brentwood. Stephen Miller, the 31-year-old presidential adviser who has been wildly provocative on immigration issues, was raised in neighboring Santa Monica, also known as the People’s Republic of Santa Monica because of its liberal politics. Read full article here.