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How US “special forces” destroy lives to no purpose in the “War on Terror”

Iona Craig won the Polk Award for the report  that destroyed mainstream media’s wholly inaccurate account of a recent raid in Yemen. The January mission was the fourth time U.S. forces have been involved in ground operations in Yemen. While none of those prior raids could be deemed successful — two were failed attempts to free an American hostage, photojournalist Luke Somers — they did not leave the same trail of destruction as the operation in al Ghayil.

Hollande: the War on Terror generates terror

Il est des dates et des actes dans l’histoire qui marquent un changement de monde autant qu’un changement de siècle.

Le 11 septembre 2001, ce jour funeste où près de 3000 personnes ont été tuées à New York, Washington et Shanksville, dans des attaques destinées par leur ampleur et par leurs cibles à jeter l’effroi sur l’Amérique.

Oui, ce jour-là, nous étions tous Américains. Mais avions-nous suffisamment mesuré et compris que nous étions tous concernés et que nous étions désormais confrontés à un terrorisme d’une autre nature que ce que jusque-là le monde avait connu ?
Avions-nous saisi qu’au-delà d’Al quaïda et de ce groupe barbare qui s’était installé en Afghanistan, c’était une guerre qui nous était déclarée par le fondamentalisme ?

Les réponses que l’administration américaine a apportées à ces attaques planifiées de l’intérieur et exécutées de façon méthodique, loin d’éradiquer la menace, l’ont élargie à un plus vaste espace. Et notamment en Irak.

Et si la France, avec Jacques CHIRAC, a refusé légitimement de se joindre à l’intervention, et l’a même condamnée, elle n’en a pas moins été victime des conséquences du chaos qu’elle a engender.

The Brussels atrocities

Something isn’t working. After the multiple DAESH/ISIL attacks in Paris, Hollande launched his surge in the War on Terror, and a wide ranging coalition of the most powerful nations on earth has been put in place to fight DAESH/ISIL, to which Russia has recently been added.

Now repeat multiple attacks hit the capital of the European Union.

At least 26 dead and dozens injured after three terror attacks

The Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said it was ‘an attack against democratic Europe’. How helpful is that statement? What about the two Istanbul and two Ankara attacks, one in each city attributed to DAESH/ISIL and the others attributed to the PKK/PYD (or their TAK offshoot)? How should we class those attacks?

Why does the US lead a coalition of the willing against DEASH/ISIL and yet arm and support the PYD, which is an integral part of the militant Kurdish structures which have PKK at their centre? Why were supporters of the PKK – an armed group that the European Union actually lists as a terrorist organization – able to fly its banners on a PR tent outside the EU building in Brussels?

Why do all European nations, and Russia, support dictatorships in the Middle East which imprison democratically elected governments, if they wish to eradicate terrorism? It isn’t merely that ‘democratic Europe’ doesn’t live up to its much trumpeted ‘values’, but that it is plainly daft to try to eradicate extremism by force, given that it should be plain for all to see that it is the application of force which causes extremism, and specifically that it is the backing of dictatorships in the Middle East by the Western nations that has caused Islamic terrorism.

Isn’t it about time that we tried democracy for a change?

If it’s not enough the Western nations lecture us, Sergei Lavrov also pontificates that the Middle-East isn’t ready for democracy, while Russia joins the long list of nations headed by Israel that work overtime to undermine the sincere efforts of many to bring democracy to Egypt, as well as working to undermine the successful indigenous democratic culture of Turkey.

But exactly what does Russia know about democracy anyway?

Hani Mujahid’s story about the deliberate perpetuation of al-Qaeda by the Yemeni Security Services

Hani Mujahid was an al-Qaeda operative, who, on his return to Yemen from Afghanistan, sought to make amends by helping the Yemeni against extremism, only to find himself trapped in a circle of deceit. In the al-Jazeera documentary below, filmed by Clayton Swisher, Muhajid’s lawyer, Abdul Rahman Barman, tells us: “The former regime used al-Qaeda as a scarecrow aimed at the Americans and at the Europeans to obtain support under the pretext of confronting al-Qaeda. In the meantime, it was the regime that directed some of the operations.”