Silent Wars: Jazeera’s documentary on the war in Sinai (1)

This is the first part of Al-Jazeera’s documentary on the war in Sinai between the Egyptian army and insurgents. The two-part investigation covers the clashes between the Egyptian army and DAESH/Wilayat Sinai, documenting the army’s military strategy in a war that has been going on since 2013. The film highlights how the insurgency was originally a reaction by rings of cigarette smugglers to the disruption of their livelihood as the Egyptian army began its clearances in Rafah.

Military  propaganda about the innocent victims killed Sinai and testimonies recorded with insurgents, leads to a picture of arbitrary arrests, assassinations and extrajudicial killings of civilians in the field. The 9th February 2018 launch of a new military operation in Sinai called the “comprehensive operation” began with the dismissal of army commander and Egyptian Defense Minister Sadqi Sobhi, famous for being second in command in the Junta that overthrew the legitimate government of Egypt in 2013.