Latter-day “modelos de virtud” amongst Latin American political classes, shaming US and Europe over their silence in the face of clear atrocities

Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru recently withdrew their ambassadors from Israel in protest at Israeli action in Gaza. Venezuela and Bolivia had already cut ties in 2009, and Nicaragua in 2010, whilst Bolivia recently went further to declare Israel a “terrorist state”

Now Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elias Jaua arrived in Cairo yesterday, Wednesday 7th August, to personally  coordinate delivery of shipments of humanitarian aid from Latin American countries intended for the people of Gaza.

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Extraordinarily, Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry yesterday seemed to step out of the mold of the Sissi mindset to call on Israel to open the six border crossings with the Gaza Strip to provide for the humanitarian needs of the Palestinian people and reconstruct the Gaza Strip. Was he shamed into making the statement by the presence of such a high-ranking politician from Latin America?

As far as the Egyptian Rafah crossing into Gaza was concerned Shoukry made no mention. Earlier Egypt said that Rafah was not part of the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations with which Egypt has been entrusted to mediate (by the Israelis), so presumably it wasn’t relevant. So what is Egypt going to do about the Rafah crossing?