Sisi orders his henchmen to murder innocents in cold blood

Sisi’s failed regime continues in its attempt to drive Egypt to civil war as the only way to ensure its continuation. Residents of Sixth of October City, Egypt, were arrested without charge, taken to prison for a few short hours then released to a team of security police, taken to a nearby flat, and shot in cold blood. The media put out a statement that 9 “terrorists” were killed in a firefight with police. One of the men was Nasser Hafi, Muslim Brotherhood MP and lawyer. Here he is reading from the Qur’an 14 August 2013 at Raba’a al Adawiyya, just before the massacre, which he survived:


Pictures of the dead have gone viral on the internet – not of their faces but of their fingers, which were covered in ink from fingerprinting at the prison into which they had been admitted. This was all the proof people needed that these men had been dragged from prison and killed in cold blood. It comes as no surprise that Sisi ordered the arrest of all those who had taken those pictures. **evidence has been supplied that the 13 men, whilst in jail had been severely tortured (added 2nd July – ed.)**