Stillbirth of a nation midwifed by imperialist greed

In 2012 John Kerry declared in a Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing that the United States had “helped midwife the birth of this new nation” of South Sudan.  In fact, thanks to Wikileaks we know that the CIA has been paying the salaries of the South Sudanese Army (SPLA), which was challenging Khartoum’s government since 2009.

As Thomas Mountain reported, it transpires that, as the country went into free fall almost from its inception, both the soldiers (or the “rebels”) supporting Riek Machar and the soldiers supporting the official President Salva Kiir are being paid by the USA to kill each other. So what was the purpose of this national project launched in July 2011? To deny China access to African oil. In March of the same year, that objective had also been behind the intervention in Libya and the overthrow of Ghaddafi by NATO.

Almost from the word go, South Sudan’s leaders stole some $10 billion in oil revenues shared with them by Sudan in the past 7 years, sent directly into City of London bank accounts. South Sudan has about 8 million people so the oil revenues amount to somewhere between $1,500 to $2000 per man, woman and child in a country where everyday hundreds if not thousands die from hunger and disease. Now we have an official famine there with 5 million people at risk.