Sweden and the State of Palestine

“The Palestinian diplomatic institution in Stockholm has already been upgraded to a status that is as close to an embassy as you can get without a formal recognition,” said Ulf Bjereld, a political science professor at Gothenburg University, to Sverige Radio. “So, I think this is a powerful symbolic policy but it will not mean much in practice,” he continued. Listen on


Prime Minister Stefan Löfven’s announcement of the recognition of the State of Israel, which came as part of his inaugural speech as prime minister, was strongly criticised by Israel and the United States, who argue that an independent Palestinian state should only emerge through negotiations [presumably indefinite negotiations (ed.)].

Foreign Minister Wallström said in this respect in another radio interview that: “it was expected that we would be criticised. We will continue a constructive dialogue and talks with the USA to explain our motive for this… This has been going on for so long now. We have to get to a point where there are two states that can live next to one another. Of course a lot has to be done down there for it to become a peaceful co-existence. But our view has been clear for a long time, and cannot come as a surprise to anyone”. Listen on