Battle for Iraq: Blowback from US Presidential Envoy’s threat to Sunni Iraqi MPs

As tensions now shift from Northern Syria to Northern Iraq, US Presidential Envoy Brett McGurk personally calls every Sunni MP in the Iraqi Parliament demanding their vote for Haidar el-Abadi’s leadership in the current political negotiations, and threatening them with “removing US security protection” from their constituencies in the event of no compliance.

“One wonders what removing security protection is supposed to mean” muses MP Kotaiba al-Jabbouri in the video clip above, who added that the reaction of the Sunni MPs, including himself, was to throw their lot in with the Coalition for Development , which comprises Hadi al-Amiri’s “Conquest Alliance” and Nouri al-Maliki’s State of Law” party.

The Coalition for Development is the pro-Iranian bloc which now seeks to exceed the 162 seats of the self-proclaimed “ruling bloc” that comprises the “Alliance of Revolutionaries for Reform”  headed by Muqtada al-Sadr, and includes Haidar el-Abadi‘s “Victory Alliance”, from which 22 MPs have defected since the proclamation. So its rule is now far from assured, especially after the blowback from McGurk threats.