Threat of arrest delays junta leader Sisi’s visit, while FO keeps open the invitation

In a continuation of the ridiculous ‘road to democracy’ rhetoric over the Egyptian coup, on the anniversary of the Raba’a massacre, which is nowhere condemned, the Foreign Office continues to maintain that:

The UK is working to support Egypt’s security, and progress on political and economic reform. We have a frank and honest relationship, allowing us to raise concerns with our Egyptian partners on a consistent basis, including on human rights issues. The Egyptian government has taken some steps in the right direction, for example releases of small numbers of activists and international journalists and a new constitution enshrining a wide range of human rights. But we are very clear with Egypt about the economic reform, human rights and democracy needed for long-term stability, and to open the way to deeper partnership with the international community”.

In a remarkably similar ‘frank and honest’ relationship with Israel the FO continues to dodge arrest warrants issued under universal jurisdiction for the bloodthirsty tyrants it has for clients.