Brand Trump’s new form of permanent opposition to the Washington beltway

According to Marc Fiorentino of, Hillary Clinton administration will be met from the first day in office by a ferocious opposition. Trump, having used media coverage to finance his presidential campaign, is now looking to launch a new media organisation along with ex-Fox News CEO Roger Ailes to cash in on the angry white middle-class male population of America.

Fiorentino explains that Trump’s divisiveness during his electoral campaign showed no sign of trying to reach out to a broader audience, which is the normal strategy followed by any presidential candidate who seeks to become president. Instead he has undermined the political process at every possible juncture, while keeping his angry white base loyal to him.

His recent negotiations to buy a series of TV stations demonstrates his intent to use American politics to launch his next money-making machine. Thus gutting the Republican Party, Trump will ensure the increase of divisions in America, destabilising the traditional American solution to the ‘democratic’ process, and taking American politics into a new self-destructive phase. His refusal to accept the November election result as valid unless he wins is the ground on which he is now rebuilding the Trump brand.

After the US Supreme Court gave the US political space away to corporations in the ‘Citizens United’ decision, capitalism has entered the fray to change the locus of political confrontation. With the fever pitch racism on US streets and now the Trump bandwagon, watch as conflict shifts from the Middle East to the US domestic scene. The Washington beltway bureaucracy has created its very own domestic ISIS – disenfranchised whites instead of disenfranchised Sunnis. See Marc Fiorentino explain on French TV:


One thought on “Brand Trump’s new form of permanent opposition to the Washington beltway

  1. Omar Post author

    David Haggith writes
    I think that is exactly what will happen … with or without Trump and his new network. I think it will happen even if Trump wins because people are going to discover that his tax plan makes the 1% fabulously more rich while the middle class goes nowhere and the country dies of an even faster pile-up of debt. His plan is a total sell-out to Wall Street.

    So, there are going to be a lot of angry people in the near future no matter what:

    The millions of Dems Hillary offended by how she rigged the system against Bernie Sanders who found Bernie abandoned them to Hillary PLUS
    The millions of Repubs who are defeated when their man, Trump, goes down and they watch the country continue its current death decline under Hillary -OR-
    The millions who think Trump will be their strong-man savior who find that Trumped-up, trickle-down economics creates more massive debt and separation of rich and poor than we’ve ever seen PLUS
    The millions of Hillary and Bernie supporters who see Trump as evil and filled with hatred along with all the discord that will happen when Trump tries to get policies through congress that even Republican politicians won’t support.

    No matter, what, I see us as being on a course to a lot more angry Americans. Add into that racial crowding that is forcing people together faster than they can adjust. Add all the riots over law enforcement in Black communities. Add discontent over the clarifying picture of corrupt electioneering actions. Add to that world’s actual collapse into economic ruin. And, then, add to that the terrorist events that are increasingly likely due to very porous borders under the Obama Admin (where even hundreds of thousands of unknown, unparented, children managed to get across). And you’ve got a lot of tension that is likely to boil over after this election.

    Hence, “Epocalypse,” something much bigger than JUST economic collapse.


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