Welcome to this site

If you have alighted on this site, it is most probably because you have been invited to comment on or review my book of the same name. I welcome you. ‘Different Traditions’ was written in my own time, with only a few breaks taken from running my business. In other words, the purpose of this book is not commercial, and neither it is associated with or backed by any institution or organisation.

The book is available in PDF format in three parts: Part I – ‘Common Threads’; Part II – ‘Absolutist Liberalism’; Part III – ‘ A Ġazalian Theory of Justice’. These files are for editing and comment only, not for general circulation. Any comments which help me by pointing out flaws in my thinking and mistakes in the book, or by enhancing certain arguments, will be very gratefully received and acted upon, and their author acknowledged.

Should have a specific interest, the three sections are reasonably well delineated in terms of subject matter. They are also long. Part I has a general introductory section, and a discussion of Islamic law but is mostly epistemology (235 pages); Part II has some political philosophy but is mainly economic theory (209 pages); while Part III is principally theory of justice but contains a discussion of psychology and human behaviour (150 pages)

All first contacts by commentators must be by e-mail to omar@different-traditions.com, setting out very briefly your areas of interest and/or expertise. Only subsequent visits can be via the blog, although I am quite happy to continue conversations via e-mail